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The artificial intelligence revolution will change everything

The change

Recently a very significant revolution is taking place in the entire world - the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. This revolution is more significant than the industrial revolution, the internet revolution or the revolution of cellular communication and smart mobile devices.

The artificial intelligence revolution will completely change our lives in the coming months and years. Companies that develop artificial intelligence, as well as companies and countries that will use it, will flourish, other companies will simply shrink and even disappear. This was also true for the last twenty years for other technologies revolutions such as the internet, the cellular communication and smart mobile devices, but the pace of developments and changes will greatly increase and surprise us again and again.

Watch the following video and see the tremendous changes in the ten leading companies in the world (in terms of market value) in the last twenty years.

Only Microsoft kept its place at the top ten. Companies like Nokia, GE, IBM, Exxon and others simply dropped or disappeared from the top ten and some of them are negligible companies today. That's why investments that are considered "long-term" investments they are indeed long-term, but this long-term is rapidly shortening and the changes that occur in the business environment are increasing. We must be vigilant in our investments and constantly check the status of the companies in which we invest. The changes will be even more radical during a recession or economic crisis, which we will probably experience in the coming quarters.

We will soon launch a new investment service focused on leading AI companies.

It can be said that the leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence are the big companies investing billions of dollars in it such as Alphabet (Google, GOOG), Meta (Facebook, META) and Microsoft (MSFT). It is also necessary to mention Nvidia (NVDA) here, which controls the AI market at the hardware and the platform level.

Until a few months ago it was also the leading order in the field, but a few months ago a small software company called OpenAI broke into public awareness, with an artificial intelligence software called ChatGPT and later GPT4. The company reached 100 million registered users in record time of two months.

Microsoft, which previously invested about a billion dollars in OpenAI, invested another 10 billion dollars and actually became a full partner (49%) of the small and groundbreaking company. Microsoft basically surprised Google and Facebook and moved to the first place by integrating AI in all its products. From the Bing search engine (BING) through Office software to the WINDOWS operating system.

Tesla and Amazon are also strong in the field of AI. Tesla is a leader in the field of artificial intelligence for applications such as autonomous driving and operating a human robot, and Amazon with a new platform that makes technologies from smaller companies in the field accessible to Amazon's AWS cloud customers.

The above companies as well as some other smaller companies will be the leading companies, at least in the near future. We believe that the rapid increase of the value of the companies will occur specifically in small companies like OpenAI (which isn't publicly traded).

Smaller companies that succeed in creating significant breakthroughs will be acquired by the majors or will create collaborations with the majors who will do everything to acquire them, just as happened in the case of OpenAI and Microsoft.

In conclusion

We are at the beginning of an accelerated rise in the development curve of artificial intelligence. Things will only accelerate from here and companies that do not update and adopt the technology, will shrink or even disappear.

We will see a lot of changes in the coming years that will impact our lives. In order to invest in the most promising companies, we identified those that would lead the revolution and avoided those that would not. To achieve this, we have launched the AI Portfolio, an investment service focused on leading AI companies.AI Portfolio.

The "long term" investing has now become shorter and we must constantly monitor the status of the companies we invest in. The changes will be radical.

A successful investment for all!

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Please note that in this article we share our predictions, opinions and considerations with you for informational purposes, but this is not advice or guidance on how to act and/or manage your investments. Each and every one must perform his/her tests and draw conclusions according to his/her preferences.

Remember, the subscription to the premium portfolio and The Growth Portfolio is a one-year subscription. By default the subscription is automatically renewed every year. You can end your subscription at any time through your profile (choose from the menu "my subscription", choose the type of subscription and "cancel subscription") on this website. If you also receive the articles in WhatsApp messages, you can also send a "request to stop premium subscription or growth" message. or to stop sending on WhatsApp only.

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