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 About the premium service

​The technology companies in which we invest are displayed in the premium service. These are the companies leading the technological changes that we are experiencing today and will experience in the future. These are well-managed companies, leaders in the field in which they operate, and we believe that they will show significant growth in sales and profits in the future. 


In the last three years, we achieved an average annual return of 138.51% (as of 12.31.2021), far above the S&P 500, which also rose in these years by about 14% per year on average. A very respectable return in a period of zero interest rates but much lower than ours. In these years, we read every year analyzes by many analysts who predict every year an economic slowdown and market declines in the next year, and every year the analysts reject their predictions. Now according to many forecasts the slowdown will come in 2022. Or maybe in 2023? Although an economic correction or slowdown will happen in the future, it is difficult to estimate when and it is important to remember that over time the stock market rises.

In these years, the world is undergoing an unprecedented technological change in several fields. Technology companies will accelerate their growth. Technological developments in areas such as the Internet, e-commerce, devices and smart phones, and now also artificial intelligence, enter every field and change our lives quickly. We invest in companies that cause this change and lead it. Other companies, which were big in the past but will not show flexibility to changes and technological developments, are expected to disappear. And indeed, in this old world a slowdown will be felt.


In the premium service, we will publish 7 of the leading stocks for investment from our point of view, as of the publication period. These are shares of leading companies in their field. These companies will be presented accompanied by a detailed description of what the company does, technological leadership, why we think the company will continue to grow rapidly, risks, the quality of the leading team and more. Information relevant to investing in the company in our opinion. This group will be updated according to the applicable changes in companies and the market. To this group of stocks we will add more companies that lead the field of artificial intelligence (AI companies) that we think are worth investing in. In total, we will represent over 7 companies that we will follow and continue to update over time according to developments. 

If you are interested in these studies of ours, read on to learn more about this group of stocks.

​We presented in previous articles how important it is to get a high return on your savings so that your savings will enable you to retire early, earn a respectable income, or obtain a safety net to achieve your dreams. My premium services may help.

We believe that a proper investment should be easy and understandable. This means no complicated short-term tactics, day trading, or investing in various derivatives. We invest in excellent companies, with excellent management and leaders in a field where the market is large and growing rapidly. In simple words - we do not use complicated analyzes that have no financial basis, scares about market falls (although this may happen and will happen in the future) or excessive complications.

Subscribers will have unlimited access to the articles and analyzes we have published on the blog and the premium service. The articles were published after long research and monitoring of the companies in the service and their performance. If we put it carefully, we can say that each of these companies has the potential to double its value several times.

The subscribers also occasionally receive ideas and information for the purchase of new shares (if any) - and an update on the availability.

As a subscriber, you can be sure you'll get the scoop on the great companies we've found before they finish their ascent.

The premium services are provided with:

Reason for purchase:A clear breakdown of the reason for the buying opportunity in this stock and the factors that led us to believe this.

Risk profile:An explanation of what the risks are and why the direction may reverse, contrary to our forecast.

Tracking:Receiving regular information about the status of the membership in the premium portfolio, and being the first to know if and when it's time to sell and move on. Everything so   that you can be calm.

Best buys now:We will publish the list of companies that we think are the best in the market at the same time when the investment is for a period of 5 years or more. 

Database:24 hours a day access to the full article library of the premium shares in the program(s) you purchased, and of all the shares and studies we have published over the past months and years on the blog.

Market news coverage:We cover relevant economic news and offer commentary on it in the context of the stock portfolio. If there is news worthy of reporting in the investment world, our mission is to bring it to your attention and express our opinion on its impact.


Sign up now for the premium serviceAt a cost of 960 NIS per year. That's only 80 NIS per month.

is hereby emphasized

It is clarified here and emphasized that the articles and information published in the premium service and on the blog itself are provided as an information service only, and not as recommendations to buy or sell a security or other financial instrument, and should not be considered a substitute for the reader's independent judgment, for investment marketing or investment advice, for the purchase and/or Making investments and/or any operations or transactions.

It is important to understand that there may be errors in the information written in the articles and in the premium content, as well as changes in the market and/or other changes may occur, and that deviations may be discovered between the data written on the state of the companies and our actual investments.

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