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The fastest growing companies

investment and Focusing on technological companies that will grow abnormally in the coming years

Rapid Growth Service Offers about 20 companies for investment that will be published in groups of four companies every few weeks from the launch of the service.


Together, these companies create an investment aimed at maximizing growth. The goal is to invest in companies that will increase 10 times or more in the next five to ten years. In most cases, these companies will be not large or even small companies, with high growth potential and naturally also more volatile and risky than established companies.

Purchasing the service will allow you to see which companies we have chosen to invest in in order to achieve maximum growth, a description of these companies, their occupation, their market size, the competitors, what we like in each company and why it is worth investing in it, what the risks are, the quality of the CEO and management, and more._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

How we chose the companies


The parameters that are important to us for investing in fast growth companies, according to which we weighted and ranked the companies are:

  1. The management and the quality of the CEO

  2. The size of the market and the company's advantages in this market

  3. The ability to perform and the nature of the product or service

  4. The rate of increase in sales and gross profit

  5. The growth potential: the ability to multiply the value of the company 5, 10 or more times in the next 5 - 10 years divided by risk.


An in-depth research and examination of hundreds of companies was carried out to select the companies presented in this service. Weighting of the above parameters ranked the companies we surveyed and allowed a comparison between the different companies.

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