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This website is about investing in technology stocks in the global market

We and many others believe that technological development will accelerate in the coming years and change our lives. How can we prepare for this and how will we use it to obtain an exceptional return on our investments


Our mission is to present an in-depth technological economic angle on the global economy and technological companies that grow rapidly and change our lives, thereby helping readers who want to invest and generate high returns over time. Therefore, we will occasionally send analysis of economic events, companies, opinions, news and ideas regarding investments. We will also share with you in-depth tests that we will publish here on specific companies that we believe represent technological leadership and will grow at an accelerated rate in the coming years.

We will start by presenting the basic principles for our investments based on facts, and then we will explain how we take advantage of the changes and developments in the world today to select investments that will yield exceptional returns in the medium and long term. Most analyzes in the capital market are based on historical, fundamentalist or technical analyses. Such analyzes miss the main reasons for understanding the future trends in the capital markets. In our opinion, globalization and the accelerated technological developments that integrate into our lives will lead to major changes in social and economic parameters such as the level of prices, the ability of central banks and governments to influence, the growth of companies and ultimately the wealth of each of us.

Our investments are based on three principles:

  1. Medium to long term investment.

  2. Taking advantage of the accelerated technological development in key areas of our lives that will continue to strengthen.

  3. Focusing on technology companies with great entrepreneurs/managers, innovation, accelerating growth, which we have researched and know well.


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